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Knit Me A Network

One thing this project has really taught me is the importance of networking. I know we hear about it all the time, but in the case of my progress through this project, I am really starting to notice how a network of creatives, professionals, and friends can enhance your project.

Take music for example. I have now worked with several individuals on songwriting and recording. Each person has helped to open my eyes to new techniques, new approaches, and new ideas. Each meeting, chat, jam sesh, and recording helps refine my skills and serves to help me work outside the box. When it comes to creative endeavors, I find that my immersion in several projects can really work to put me in a box. My thoughts and ideas all start to blend together, and I feel like I can’t take my idea to the next level. A simple chat or working meeting with a friend can really help break those barriers. I have seen song writing from different points of view, and I love the unique harmonies that different minds can hear. 


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