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Guess the band!
(Another piece done with Rethink for Molson Canadian’s sponsorship of Osheaga Music Festival)

Guess the band!

(Another piece done with Rethink for Molson Canadian’s sponsorship of Osheaga Music Festival)

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Forgive Me!

I’m pooped. You’re pooped, we’re all pooped (for ice-cream?) Poop. Insanity.What is this?! AHHH - I digress…

In a few days, me and all of my friends will be graduating and celebrating with our annual grad show and many nibbles of finger-food, so apologies for the extreme neglect on my part with posting for the past week.

But the funny thing is, I’ve not been posting because I’m legitimately busy with some super-cool projects and news, which ultimately was the goal of this site; to spend your time more wisely, and that just so happened to mean NOT posting.
Funny, huh.

Now that things have wrapped up, I find myself turning into an elderly woman. Sleeping earlier and taking baths while listening to audiobooks. I sat and did nothing for a full two hours while a Stewie-Griffin-voiced narrator barfed ‘The Children of Men’ into my ear cavities. (completely unlike the movie by the way!)

But it’s been awesome. My body is beginning to catch up and just in time for me to regain a human enough appearance so I’m presentable at the grad show and conference. I’ve even purchased a dress from Winners, but not before asking for a discount due to a ripped seam. (Cheap me, never fails. Cheap me got a dress for $25.)

In exciting news, I’ve been trying to decide between a few amazing job opportunities that have cone my way, one through Behance (what’d I say?!), at a famous and fancy Ad Agency. Needless to say, great things have been coming my way and I could not be more happy and feel more lucky. I’ll update as it’s appropriate to do so! Wweeee!

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Behind the Screen of an Amateur Writer

Since I can remember, I’ve been writing; poems, stories, one-liners, scripts etc… I can say, I think, that writing comes just as naturally, if not more so, than picking up a pencil does. I find I can start writing on a blank page more than I can start drawing on a blank page which is why 85% of my “sketchbooks” are written pieces, notes, lines I thought up that I’d like to use in the dozens of novels I have planned in my head for the future. That’s one thing about writing that is unlike drawing; you can’t use all of your good ideas in one piece. You have to save some tricks for another time. 

So it came as no surprise to me that writing snuck itself into my fourth year thesis. 


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10 & A Half Questions - Jesse Bromm

I first met and came to know (a bit about) Jesse in high-school, him being a year ahead of me, and although we don’t know eachother nearly as much as you might imagine, his work definitely breaks the ice and does a stand-up job of communicating the type of person he is, and I’m led to believe it’s a cool one.

Whether it’s because in Milton there’s nothing better to do than invent your own fun with the power of creativity, Bishop Reding Secondary definitely produced some impressive creatives, Jesse being one of them.

According to his Twitter, Bromm is a “Glass-related artist”, and one look through his blog and website and it becomes obvious that he’s one unique fella producing some fresh work in the area of glass.

This week, he was so kind as to answer a few questions for us, so read ‘em and weep!


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I’m not sure what this is, but I suspect it’s entertaining. Your Dreams My Nightmares Episode 018. An interview with Jim Stoten. Drugs. Dying is inevitable. A blonde man with red body armor, on the back of a dragon. All music by Jim Stoten.

You can download the episode here or subscribe to the show via iTunes.


Check out Jim’s Soundcloud for more music: http://soundcloud.com/jimtheillustrator

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Reblogged from Your Dreams My Nightmares 

Listen to the full album here.

An oldie but a goodie. Brings me back to being a young teenager into all kinds of shenanigans. It’s definitely one I come back to often, as I do with anything Metric/Emily Haines; Old World Underground, the Soft Skeleton etc. 

By the way, Soundcloud user, that cover art is for the wrong album. Silly, silly. 

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 Source SoundCloud / crypticvalentine


If you are reading this, it is likely that you are a friend, family member, or some random person who stumbled upon our little site. 

What is all this nonsense you ask? We are trying to find that out ourselves. 

It started as a new years resolution to take on a couple new things during 2012. Through late night talks, long walks, and a few restaurant stops, it turned into something bigger. 

What if we took on ALL of the things we wanted to do. What if we started everything we wanted to accomplish in one year? It’s not about being a virtuoso on day one. It’s about progress over stagnation, having the guts to try when you think you can’t. It’s messy. It’s real. 

Every conversation we have had with friends and family lately centers around time - how much we have, how fast it goes, what we missed, what we wish we did. Why do you let so many things pass us by?

We Are Not Special seeks to challenge the concept of time and creativity. It is an investigation of our passion, our hopes, our dreams, our failures and our milestones. 

It’s about evolution - not perfection. 

We don’t really know what tomorrow will look like - we don’t know what December 31, 2012 will look like either. But we hope to have something to show for it!

Each week you will find Shawn and Sabrina blogging about everything from our goals, to our progress, health, writing, creativity, and profiling other young people as they seek to do the same things. We hope you will join us on some of our adventure. 

So in the meantime, enjoy some of our past test posts, view our list of goals at the top of this page. They mainly cover Shawn’s attempts at starting to sketch, and some of Sabrina’s writing. We hope to have more interesting and focused content over the next few days and weeks!

This project will grow as we do - we just want see where it takes us!

Here we go!

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